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Benefit of Winter Tires over All-Season Tires

winter tires

For a safe winter drive, nothing beats a good set of Winter tires

Choosing the right tires for your driving conditions improves safety, efficiency and overall driving satisfaction. If you already have all-season tires you will already appreciate this, if you only have regular tires you may be wondering which is the best for you.

The overall cost of snow tires might be higher, but you gain far greater safety and performance.
All season tires are sometimes referred to be gear heads as “no season tires”. Since they are designed to be used in the summer and winter, certain compromises mean that they are not necessarily the best for either. All season tires do not offer the same performance as summer tires and they do not offer the same performance as dedicated winter tires.

All season tires can handle light snow, but for heavy snow and ice which we often experience in Connecticut, winter tires are best.

What are the benefits of snow tires over all-season tires?

  • Better handling – In extreme cold weather the tread on all season tires can become stiffer and less flexible, this reduces traction.
  • Displaces snow better – Snow tires have specially designed tire patterns and a greater tread depth which helps to reduce snow build-up and channel snow and ice away from the tires.
  • Improved ice traction – Snow tires have thousands of tiny slits in the tread that helps to grip the road better.


The improved traction of snow tires means that they are able to stop quicker and accelerate faster on snow and ice compared to all-season tires.  According to a study by Tire Track:

On snow:

  • Winter tires stop 66% faster (30ft)
  • Winter tires accelerate 33% faster

On ice:

  • Winter tires stop 48% faster (18ft 8in)
  • Winter tires accelerate 44% faster


Snow tires are a sensible choice in Connecticut where we often have harsh weather, heavy snow and ice.  Yes they cost a little more, but you’ll be far safer, less likely to be in an incident (and have to pay out) and will be able to get about your life far easier when the heavy snow falls.


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