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Classic Car Towing – Finding the Right Company

Classic Car Towing

When you need your classic car towing do you risk any towing company or do you choose a company that specializes in classic cars, that you know is going to take the greatest care and respect when handling your valuable asset?

Is a classic car towing company really better than your standard towing company? Is it worth the extra time and research to find one?


The problem with regular tow trucks

Most tow truck companies use straps and chains to secure vehicles down.  These straps and chains are held taut, without any slack.  This means that your classic car can take on every jolt and bump along the way.

Regular tow truck drivers don’t have specialist knowledge in classic cars.  They don’t have the knowledge or experience to safely handle and transport them.

A company that specializes in classic car towing knows the right way to handle your car and minimize any risk.



Reasons to tow a classic car

Maintain low mileage

One of the key focuses of classic car owners is to keep mileage low.  This means more life for the original engine and body.  So if you’re driving to lots of car shows, that can be extra mileage on the clock.

Towing your vintage to shows doesn’t wear your car with added miles, and helps to maintain the original condition for longer.


Reduced risk of damage

As unlikely as it is, driving your classic car on any road puts it at risk.  After putting in a lot of time, money and energy into restoring and maintaining a classic car, to find yourself in an accident would be devastating, if not least dangerous to you.

Towing your vehicle significantly reduces the risk of damage.


You don’t want just anyone handling your highly valuable antique. Take the time to look for an experienced company you know you can rely on.

  • Check for low and enclosed trucks – A lot of classic cars have low ground clearance, so it pays to have a low-loading tow truck. Flatbeds are typically used, and combined with specialist experience should help to get your classic car to its destination as safely as possible.
  • Check for an enclosed bed – For added peace of mind you may want to choose an enclosed bed.  This will help to keep your classic car protected from debris flying off the road.
  • Check the tow company has experience in classic cars.  Some specifically advertise this.

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