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Preventing a Vehicle Breakdown During Coronavirus

vehicle breakdown

As a Wallingford towing company we have received calls from people who have broken down for all sorts of reasons.  Above all one of the most common problems we find is with their auto’s battery.  In the summer especially, car batteries are the single biggest cause of breakdowns.  A dead battery can often be fixed at the roadside, but sometimes a more serious fault can require a tow to a nearby repair shop.


Why do car batteries fail?

Batteries fail for a number of reasons.  Not using your car and going for frequent short trips can mean insignificant time for your battery to charge and over time it can lose charge.  The summer heat can also be tough on engine batteries too, making the problem worse.


Risks during the Coronavirus lockdown

During the Coronavirus lockdown here in Connecticut and other parts of the US cars are not out on the roads like they usually are.  Some cars are sitting idle for days or weeks at a time without use.  If you’re working from home and self-isolating then for some people their vehicles may not see much or any use for several months.  It’s this lack of use and the occasional short trip that can lead to a deteriorating battery, and the possibility of a breakdown further down the line.


Keeping your car battery healthy during the lockdown

The best way to keep your vehicle’s battery in good condition and reduce the risk of a breakdown is to keep it charged with occasional, good quality exercise.  At least a 30 minutes drive a couple of times per month is far better than several shorter trips which don’t give the battery enough time to charge.

Engine batteries are usually designed to last 3-5 years.


If you do have to many any essential journeys during the lockdown, or anytime after and find yourself in a breakdown situation, you can always call Country Club Garage for a fast, reliable tow in central CT.