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Safety Tips While Waiting for a Tow Truck

Waiting for a Tow Truck


Braking down for any reason can be a scary situation.  Being stuck on the side of the road can be dangerous so it’s important to be aware of how to keep yourself safe until help arrives.

Follow these tips to prepare you and keep yourself safe while you wait for the tow truck company.


When the problem starts

1. Turn on the hazard lights as soon as you notice a problem

Hazard lights are designed to alert people.  They can be an important early warning sign that you might suddenly have to do something unexpected and other drivers will be encouraged to be cautious around you.    If the situation improves you can obviously turn them off again, otherwise keep hazards on until help arrives and the mechanic or tow company fixes/removes the car.


2. Pull over as far as possible

If you can avoid stopping on a hill or blind corner.  Only if it is safe should you attempt to push the car to the side of the road.


3. Don’t move your vehicle if you have been in an accident

Always wait for police arrive.


4. Stay in the car with the car with the seat belt on

In most cases this is safer than standing next to the car where there’s a risk of being swiped or knocked down.  If your car is smoking, on the highway or you’re at risk of being hit then it’s more appropriate to get out of the passenger side.  You should not wait in-front of the car in case someone knocks into it.


5. Do not leave children or pets unattended in the car

Especially on hot days.


6. If it is safe to leave your vehicle take valuables with you

Take your phone, wallet, purse and keys etc.. plus any insurance information and important documents that might be needed by the tow company or police etc.


Waiting for a tow


7. Remain alert to the traffic

If you are in or out of the vehicle you must be alert to the road traffic as in any breakdown you are at an increased risk.


9. Prepare your documentation while you wait

This will help to speed things up when the tow company arrives and help to get you on the way sooner.  Different companies may ask for different documents however generally you’ll be asked for your registration and insurance details.


9. Get details of the tow driver

Ask for their name and vehicle registration so you know the correct company turns up.


10. Be vigilant of strangers offering a ride

Some people have perfectly good intentions and genuinely want to help.  Others are happy to take advantage of your vulnerable situation and you can never truly know their intentions.  It’s best to tell passers by that you have arranged a pickup from a tow truck company.  Try to avoid getting into conversation with strangers as you don’t know what they are planning.


11. Tell the tow truck company if you have children

You may be considered a higher priority and the tow truck could arrive quicker if you tell them this.


Stay safe when driving in the Wallingford, CT and New Haven County area.  Add Country Club Garages phone number to your cell: 203-269-5403

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